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What You Should Get in Routine Inspection in Authorize Harley-Davidson

Most people’s perception of “periodic motorcycle inspection" is only an oil change. This is a big mistake! This is a set of operations, during which it reviewed the bike complete. There are things like brake fluid, which are change at regular intervals and some others are dependent on mileage.

Their simplified list of you here are:
1. Motor oil and oil filter
2. Air filter (Inspection, cleaning, if necessary exchange)
3. If wheels have spokes (Inspection & tightening)
4. Primary case oil change
5. Transmission oil change
6. Clutch inspection and adjustment
7. Drive belt and pulleys inspection & adjustments
8. Front and Rear Brakes inspection & adjustments
9. Brake fluid inspection or change Note 3
10. Kick stand
11. Fuel Lines
12. Spark Plugs
13. Electrical components and switches
14. Oil filling in the front works Note 4
15. Steering neck bearing inspection Note 1
16. Rear swimming arm bearing inspection
17. Battery Note 2
18. Exhaust system Note 2
19. And finally test drive

1. Disassembly and inspection should be done every 30.000 miles 
2. Should be done every year
3. Replacing the brake fluid (DOT 4) should be done every two years
4. Disassembly and inspection should be done every 50.000 miles

If you go to your local Harley Davidson dealership for periodic inspection all operation should be listed on your receipt.

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