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Symbolism Of The Skulls

Perhaps the most prominent of the symbols you will see features the bold images of skulls and skeletons. Pirates, Bikers and others have adopted the symbols to represent their life styles.

For many people especially bikers, daredevils and people whose lifestyle constantly tests and tempt the fates, the skeletons and skulls worn on their clothing or tattooed on their bodies, tell the world that they understand the process of dying and the finality of death , but they have no fear of it. Fear Nothing is a motto of Cycle Heart and you will often see variations of that theme repeated on the clothing we offer.

In many Western cultures, skulls have come to signify evil, but in reality there is no evidence for that. Throughout the ages, in cultures all over the world, these images were thought to be symbols of birth and renewal and were considered to be good omens, something riders depend on to keep their rubber down on the road.

These symbols have been with us for a thousand years or more. They have come to signify “Keep Away, Poison and Danger Ahead.” During the Crusades, skull and cross bone banners were used to some advantage during the Crusades to ward off Muslim hoards who were stricken with fear upon sight of those images during a battle.

Good omens are useful signs that gamblers look to keep the luck going their way and even to extend that luck at a poker game or a craps game. They represent all those things the Biker community hold sacred as do the designers of all kind of accessorie. You will find these symbols on a number of our products. Now you know the reason for their popularity.

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