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Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain

Riding a motorcycle is usually associated with nice weather. But it should not be too hot, because then no protective motorcycle clothing and  quite unbreathable. At the same time, however, no rain. Not only is this inconvenient, but many bikers with water on the road is less than or greater nightmare. Yet it all has to be controlled.

Essentially, for safe driving a motorcycle in the rain is not only for high quality tires. Tires should have not only the right pressure, but also a sample to safely drain off the water and to contact with the road to be sufficient. It's even more important than the cars because the bike arrives for principal of stability before the car. The car has four wheels, so its stability is much larger, and in addition has mostly ABS. Some new bikes have ABS too, but in rain you have to ride with maximum care.

When there is water on the road, avoid against aggressive driving. When entering a turn do not brake. When you are accelerating or braking it must be smooth as possible, which is actually the basis for the safe, but also relatively fast. Driving style brake-gas is going wrong as well as spasmodic control of the bike. Heavy rain is better to avoid under a bridge for shelter.

A big problem for motorcyclists in rain are big and unexpected streams of water on the road where the bike may easily lose to the stability long before the car.

Extra care must be those bikers who at the beginning of there ride or rain cannot manage to hide. When the rain start, the water is on the road is mixed with pollen and road dust and in the first few minutes of rain covered with a slippery porridge.

There are more problems on the highway - needed visibility. "In the case of heavy rain is better to leave the highway and survive rain at a gas station or rest area, because your helmet doesn't have wipers so you cannot see. In addition, cars drivers are not considerate, which can be a bigger problem when it rains. If it is dry it is more effective to brake with front brakes but in wet condition it is safer and important rear brake. Controlled braking and skidding the rear wheel can be better control than to lose control of the front wheel. Especially in crisis situations on wet roads it is a huge helper ABS.

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