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Proper care for your colored bracelet

The stainless steel will not damage but if your bracelet has color it is safe as long as you take care of the item. Many things we use on our bodies have chemicals that are harsh and believe it or not there is a chemical in sunscreen that can even take off paint from a car. That would suck wouldn’t it!  The active ingredient that causes this issue is called #titaniumdioxide. How many of us take long rides on the motorcycle to catch the wind? Lots, so we need sunscreen, right? You can wear it and should period! When you apply sunscreen spray first before placing jewelry on. Then wipe where the jewelry is to be worn meaning dab the excess sunscreen then place the jewelry on.  Did you also know that each person’s acidity is different in their bodies and chemistry is different? So basically, skin oil is also an accelerator of the tarnishing process. Skin cleaners have sulfur in them especially prescription ones and some shampoos.

So, with this said, your bracelet will be ok and stay nice but everyone’s body has chemical and some are stronger. If you sweat often just wipe the bracelet down with a dry cloth or paper towel. I will give you a brief and interesting lesson on the chemistry of Life. It really is interesting Trust me on this. The human body has sixty chemical elements, but they all do different for each person. Our bodies have what we call macro nutrients from foods and they perform various functions, including the building of bones and cell structures, regulating the bodies pH, taking charge, and driving chemical reactions. Phosphorus a one percent amount is found mostly in the bones but also the molecule ATP, which provides energy in cells for driving chemical reactions.  There are much more of course I am sure you know but I don’t want to bore you at all. It is almost like our body works as acid does but not literally of course. What we eat also makes a huge ass difference in how our chemicals in the body work. You are what you eat which I wish cheesecake was good for me.

Basically, just wipe the bracelet down with a damp cloth then pat it down with a dry cloth. It just takes one-minute total and will save you money and aggravation from buying another one or being upset. The color is powder coated so well covered but chemicals are chemicals so take care of your bracelet so you have it for years to come. If you scratch the bracelet the stainless steel will not be effected but the color may chip or scratch which is common sense I think. We hope you all enjoy the colors and styles everyone and especially hope this blog helps you maintain your item of wear.

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