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Oil Change Based On Miles

Should one change oil based on time or miles? Once the bike has been ridden any miles after the oil change should it be changed again before storage? I thought I would ask the experts! 

I thought I would ask the experts! 

Answer from Q&A at Spectro Performance Oil
Even though you don’t roll many miles, time does count for something, as the oil does oxidize while it is just sitting in the engine. That oxidation can affect the lubricating qualities of the oil, and whatever contamination did occur during your brief riding activities also then has a long time to degrade the inside surfaces of the engine. It may not amount to much, but why not be on the safe side with your machines? That said, once a year oil changes will be fine.

Change the oil before you store the bikes and make sure you start and run the engines after the oil change for 15-20 minutes. This ensures that the new oil has been circulated throughout the engine. Don’t overlook the problems of today’s gasoline, either – between ethanol’s corrosive effects and vagaries in refining, you don’t want to assume your fuel will not degrade. You should make it a habit to add a prescribed amount of FC Premium Fuel Conditioner to every tank of gas, and if you think that too much, at least be sure to add it (and run it through the system for 15 minutes) before you set aside the bike for any amount of time.

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