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Guardian Bells

The Guardian Bell is a small metal peace in shape of bell and made casted from pewter. The Guardian Bell is hung on the bottom of the motorcycle. The meaning of the Guardian Bell is to ward off spirits and the evil will be trapped in the bell. The Guardian Bell meaning is really to keep you safe from mechanical problems on the road that people feel are evil spirits. Most people really believe the Guardian Bell is for good luck on the road and to be safe. The best way for this bell to keep you safe is to not buy your own but have a Guardian Bell as a gift from someone. The Guardian Bell also known as the Gremlin Bell is meant for protection. The most popular bell is the Gremlin Bell for a friend’s motorcycle. When you give a bell that means you want someone to be safe on the road. Make sure when you hang the Guardian Bell at the lowest part of the motorcycle that the Guardian Bell is nowhere close to the wheel.

The guardian Bells have many different shapes and designs. Some designs have color on them and the material is very durable. This is a nice gift with meaning to give someone. The pink ribbon is one of the popular designs on these Guardian Bells and will mean a lot to someone. Many people have the Guardian Bell has designs from skulls to roses. So many different design to choose from which makes this exciting to review all options on the Guardian Bells. The bells also look nice on the motorcycles as well. The Guardian Bells are conversation pieces also. This is something given with meaning and care and will last forever. The Guardian Bells are for woman and men depending on what your style is or the person you are buying the Guardian Bell for. The pewter is hard material and does not at all scratch easy or rust easy. This material is casted well with the bell structured tight inside for the sound. This Guardian Bell gives you a good feeling that you will be protected from the road. The Guardian Bell are made in the United States of America. Lots of the Gremlin Bells are limited edition as well. Lots of the Guardian Bells also have a black velvet pouch which makes them presentable as given to someone as a gift. The Gremlin Bell will double the rider’s protection as the legend goes.

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