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How to Adjust Rear Shock on Softail

he best way to Adjust the Rear Shock on a Harley Softail. 

Harley Davidson continues to be generating motorcycles for above one hundred a long time. Early Harleys didn’t have a very rear suspension. The rear wheel on these early models was mounted rigidly to your frame, producing to get a very rough journey. Later types have come a long way with entirely adjustable rear suspensions. The rear shock absorbers on a Harley Davidson Softail may be adjusted up to carry heavier weights, or down to provide a smooth ride for a single rider. Place a hydraulic motorbike jack stand below the frame rails in the motorcycle. Lift the motorbike off the ground by pumping the jack stand using the jack take care of. Increase the jack until the rear wheel with the motorcycle has cleared the ground. Make a reference mark having a dab of paint around the shock adjuster plate of equally rear shock absorbers.

Loosen, but tend not to eliminate, the jam nut on each shock absorber in a counter clockwise path with an adjustable wrench. 

Making use of a shock-absorber-adjustment spanner wrench, turn the shock adjuster plates an equal variety of turns and in the exact same path on both shock absorbers. Always turn the adjuster plates at least 1 complete revolution. Make use of the reference marks to achieve this. Flip the shock adjuster plates outward in the direction of the jam nut (counter clockwise) to increase spring pre-load for heavier loads. 

Flip the shock adjuster plates inward from the jam nut (clockwise) to lower the spring pre-load and smooth out the journey for lighter loads. Make sure you turn the shock adjuster plates an equal number of turns for every shock. Tighten the jam nut on each and every shock absorber within a clockwise path with the adjustable wrench. Decrease the motorcycle for the ground and take away the hydraulic jack stand from beneath the motorcycle. 

Tips & Warnings
The shock absorber adjustment spanner wrench is available from your Harley Davidson dealer. Be careful when placing the hydraulic jack underneath the motorcycle. Tend not to spot the jack underneath the brake pedal as harm for the brake system will occur. Always adjust both shock absorbers for the identical pre-load. Failure to do so could adversely affect the handling of the motorcycle.Be aware of handling changes in your motorbike after changing the shock absorber pre-load. 

You’ll Need
* Motorcycle jack stand * Adjustable wrench * Shock absorber adjustment spanner wrench

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