Honda VTX Shorty Shocks

Manufacturer: MB Products
Premium gas shorty shocks for Honda VTX models. Available length 10.5 ~ 11.5 Inch. Item is sell as pair (set of two).
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Honda VTX Shorty Shocks

Honda VTX Chrome Shorty Shocks gas vharged for superior performance. Shocks come with short upper and lower chrome covers and chrome springs. Spring pre-load can be adjusted as desired with 5-position cam.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 2006+ Honda VTX1800 C and F models require replacing top shock mounting studs to install shocks. Order two # 52452-MCH-000 ("Rear Cushion Bolts") from your Honda Dealer or another option for Honda VTX ith 3/4 dia top shock mounting studs is remove top steel reducer sleeves. Once the sleeve is removed the shock eye will fit on the 3/4" stud.