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HONDA VTX 1800 biggest V-Twin

After my summer riding was time to have the bike serviced and for the second time that year I headed down to my mechanic. After talking in the shop for a while as they started to work on my bike I convinced the owner (or was it him that convinced me) to let me try a used Honda VTX 1800 he had just taken in.

That is one huge mother of a bike and it had all the bells and whistles;wind screen, studded saddlebags and a pair of Cobra exhausts.The bike was from 2001 and had 34.000 km (21.000 miles) on the clock.But the previous owner had taken so good care of it that it looked brandnew.

I’ve tried a few of the bigger cruisers and I guess I’ve gotten used to the road capabilities (or lack there of) of that motorcycle type .

But the VTX 1800 actually rides, even though with its almost 350 kg (770 lbs) it’s quite a hand full. Well you don’t feel as if you’ve been shot out of a canon when twisting the throttle, but it pulls away real nice. Actually I found my self cruising slowly down the back roads with 110-120 km/t (75 MpH). But I swear Mr. Police it felt like I was going 80 km/t (50 MpH). 

The VTX 1800 is very high-tech for a cruiser, having both hydraulic clutch, upside-down fork, cast aluminium wheels and a Dual Combined Brake Pressure Equalization System. The Brake system means that when pressing the back brake some of the pressure is channelled to the front brakes as well. All in all these features makes the VTX a very easy handling and modern cruiser. 

There’s no doubt this bike could take you to the end of the world and back with 160 km/t (100 MpH) which is not the case for many of the cruisers out there. But then again should it be? If you are in the market for one of the big eastern cruisers, this bike deserves to be on your short-list. It rides and sounds insane and is technically more advanced than the Motor Company competitors, but it lacks the 100 years of history. So I guess it’s a question of being a HD fan or not, cause the price is almost up there.

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