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Biker patches and rules

Did you know that the three-piece biker patches started around 1924? Well, it surely did! To start with some history the AMA was founded in 1924 as an organization arm of Motorcycle Manufacturers and mainly supported by the Motorcycle Manufacturers to promote motorcycle riding in America.

Around 1947 the AMA wrote an article in their magazine, shortly after stating, 99% of all their members are law- abiding citizens and only 1% are “outlaw”. This then, began what is today known as Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and one percenters. Clubs were not sanctioned by the AMA and non-members of the AMA were banned from attending AMA events.

Ok so that was a little about the history of patches and bikers and clubs. There are rules were to place the patch and what type of patch is allowed as RESPECT is huge as we all want respect as well. Just because someone is a Biker doesn’t mean their different or anything like that. They are like me and you period as they all work hard and have families also. I feel they are lucky to be in a club and have that Family atmosphere they can rely on and be a part of. Even if you’re not in a club and are a Lone Wolf that is ok too and they also wear patches. The only difference is some have rules and some do not. Just respect them and their colors. If you don’t know the rules and for example you’re not sure if you can take a picture all ya have to do is ask them. They respect that you respect them to ask them.

When someone picks out a patch they will make sure this is what they want to wear and there are so many different patches out there. You can get patches custom made also and usually find someone at an Biker event to sew it on also. It is an honor to get your vest and choose a patch or so especially when the patch is earned from your Brotherhood MC Club.

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