99% Ring

Manufacturer: Kodiak
SKU: SK1714
This solid and adorable 99% ring is a perfect biker jewelry. Now, wear this ring and show your class and cool! Manufactured and handcrafted/engineered with very high-quality stainless steel, the 99% skull ring is best for a classy street race. You can also wear it to explore yourself in a plan bike ride. You will find all the symbols properly engraved in the ring to give it a very funky presentation.
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99% Ring is crafted from quality surgical grade stainless steel. The perfect ring for any style. Stainless Steel jewelry for men. The unique designs range from classic to contemporary to edgy and urban.

  • 100% authentic motorcycle jewelry
  • Tested for rigorous conditions and temperature
  • Has a solid grip due to the presence of strong and durable steel material
  • High-quality engraving of all the symbols to show your confidence.
  • Available in 10 and 11 ring size
  • Exclusive product from Kodiak
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