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6 More Breathtaking Roads We'd Love To See Some Day

Two weeks ago, we took a look at some stunning roads and landscapes that scatter themselves across the globe. Since we enjoyed writing that article so much, we decided to make another this week, showcasing some more breathtaking roads that we'd love to see some day.

We took photos from a variety of genres from futuristic to majestic to traditional. Many types of scenery and countryside are covered, and we hope you'll enjoy reading this guide as much as we enjoyed making it!

1. Mystical Forest Lane

This road is utterly stunning, and a road I'd love to ride down one day! With its crisp picturesque scenery and green landscapes, this road encompasses beautiful scenery in every way. The crystalline blue mountains provide a beautiful counterpoint to the rest of the greenery.

Just try to feel the serene nature of this road and you'll be able to fully appreciate the beauty of this piece. Certainly, I find that this picture pays homage to the glory of nature.

I love the neon green grass, and how it contrasts so glamorously with the blue mountains on the horizon.

2. Gorgeous Countryside

This is quite similar to the image above, only that the expanse is much wider here. This photo was actually taken in Russia, which is quite a contrast to the Siberian wintery landscapes we think of when we imagine Russia. I thought this is such a beautiful road, not just for its serenity, but for its sheer quietness. There doesn't appear to be a soul for tens or hundreds of miles into the distance, and I love how the horizon is barely decipherable. It melts into the sky above it with such mysticism, even though the sky is such a rare type of blue.

As a biker, I find that this road would be one of my dream roads. The road extends to the horizon, so it's easy to see where it's leading, but it's not so easy to determine where exactly it's going. I love how the sky feels so infinite and how it merges with the green grass below. The green fields seem to extend to the horizon also.

3. Sunset Over The City

Just look at how gorgeous this photo is! I would adore to glide down this road at sunset, even if the sun is behind me. The rays it emits combine so beautifully with the purple hues and pink tints of the sky. I love how this road provides a beautiful view of the sky. Even if the sun sets on the opposite side, you can still see the entire sky light up above you. For me, every ten miles in the US, we'll find a road like this, but there's something about the streetlamps going into the sunset and the city in the distance that makes this such a stunning road. Perhaps, it's a road that promises dreams to come true; there's something so eternal about it.

4. Mystical Mountain Tunnel

This tunnel leads to the unknown, and for me, I love its mysterious and intriguing aspect. It really stirs the imagination, doesn't it?

As a biker, it would be an absolute dream to ride through a tunnel like this one day. The small tunnel offers a quick insight into the mystery of what follows, perhaps more forest or mountain . . . but certainly, this road is such a stunning one.

I, as a biker, find this road to be particularly moving because of its sheer mysticism. It has quite a beautiful allure about it, and that's why I think bikers should check it out one day. There are plenty of mysterious tunnels like this, and that's what makes biking such a fascinatingly beautiful experience for many people. For me, it's the mystery of what comes next that always keeps me riding no matter what. Certainly, I always wonder what I'll encounter next as a biker, whether it's a series of mountain hills or more landscapes.

This road is certainly a beautifully intriguing one, and it's a road I'd love to encounter one day!

5. Fairytale Forest

This is definitely my favorite image from all the images here. Just look at the breathtaking quality that this image possesses! It has such a fairytale-like vibe to it, without a doubt, and its mystical allure adds to the breathtaking quality of this road.

This photo was taken in England, in the UK, and it really does show the stunning power of mystical landscapes on the British Isles. I've fallen in love many a time with the small crevices of countryside I found in Britain as well as Ireland.

Of course, there are cute, little groves dotted across the US, too! If you venture off the beaten path and take smaller roads, you just might find gorgeous alcoves like the one below. After all, biking is a form of discovery and it will really reward you if you go with your eyes wide open. Sometimes the most beautiful scenery is only a few minutes away from you; you just need to fully appreciate every sight. On my route to school or work, I always catch glimpses of beauty in nature, and from mountains to glimpses of sunlight, I always fall in love every time.

6. London Underpass

This slightly futuristic underpass (we believe) is to be found in London City, and it really echoes such futuristic vibes. I've visited London many times and I've seen many futuristic roads like this. Of course, in Los Angeles and New York for example, many of the roads echo such modern vibes. The neon lights on the side of this underpass also help create a futuristic vibe also.

This road reminds me of several science fiction video games I played when I was a child this image is so reminiscent of those games.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy taking a look at these wonderful roads? I certainly enjoyed creating this article for you to take a look at, and certainly, if you enjoyed this article, let us know in the comments below! You can also share this with your friends on social media, if you like.

Certainly, these photos are stunning, but it isn't necessarily their beauty that should be admired. Perhaps, these photos may have reminded you of scenery you saw yourself. This is the most beautiful thing about photography; it evokes certain, beautiful memories within those that view it. Without a doubt, these photos have conjured many memories for me also, and I'll be looking forward to sharing some more with you in the weeks to come!

The images featured here come from Unsplashed and are in the public domain.

Thanks for reading!

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