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17 Things You Probably Don't Know About Motorcycling

Motorcycling is one of the most exciting hobbies that a person can have. It brings speed, excitement and most of all, fulfillment to my life and your life. There are so many interesting aspects of motorcycling that gives me goosebumps when I find them out. In this article, I will reveal 17 things you probably don't know about motorcycling. You may know a few, you might know all of them or might know none of them. Whatever your expertise, there is sure to be some very wacky and crazy facts here! I hope you enjoy this article, and please make sure to share this on social media with all your fellow motorcycling buddies!

1. The very first Harley Davidson used a tomato can as a carburetor. Just think of that! Innovation from Harley Davidson in carburetors certainly went a huge way since then!
First Harley Davidson used a tomato can

2. Kawasaki have been known to be one of the many kings of motorcycling, and with their amazing motorcycles it's not hard to see. But did you know that Kawasaki also make rockets, power plants, industrial equipment, robots and space equipment? They only started to build motorcycles just to promote their company to the masses and to get known across Japan.
Kawasaki also make rockets

3. The world's longest motorcycle ever recorded was unveiled in Russia, in the year 2005. It was 31 feet and seated 16 people.

However, that record was broken four years ago in 2011 in Lincholnshire by plumber Colin Furze who was also the inventor of the "scooter flamethrower" (whatever that may be). The motorbike could seat 25 people and was 72 feet long. He used two and a half 125cc mopeds and aluminum frame, and built the whole thing in his mother's backyard. He said that this the longest motorbike he could make and actually drive. Any longer than this, and it would be unusable or un-drivable.The world's longest motorcycle ever recorded was unveiled in Russia

4. Vespa means "wasp" in Italian. Who knew?
Vespa means

5. If you place eight motorcycles in one car parking space, they should all technically fit (on average). If everyone rose motorbikes to work and to shopping centers, parking space would be increased and the amount of vehicle space would reduce dramatically. Just think of fitting eight motorcycles in one car parking space. Now that's a lot of extra space!

6. The word "motorcycle" was coined by English inventor Edward Butler. He invented a 3 wheeled vehicle that ran on petrol. This happened in 1884. The motorcycle has gone a long way since then, and has come from very old roots! Thank you Edward Butler for giving joy to millions, with your invention of a "kind" of motorcycle.
The word

7. A Japanese toilet company by the name of "TOTO" invented a motorbike that ran on human waste. Yes! Human waste, believe it or not. Unveiled in 2012, this is the number one green motorcycle for those that want to stay eco-friendly and avoid carbon emissions especially when going to and from work. You should consider it!
motorbike that ran on human waste

8. Founder of Hell's Angels, Sonny Barger said in his autobiography that he actually prefers Japanese motorcycles over Harley Davidson motorcycles. Interesting!

9. Did you know that "The Fonz" (Henry Winkler) from the American sitcom Happy Days can't actually ride a motorcycle, despite having been "filmed" to have rode a motorcycle so many, and so many times? In the sitcom, he and his motorbike were best friends and pretty much inseparable. I find it hard to believe that he couldn't actually ride a motorcycle, but that seems to be the case!

10. There have been some slightly unusual names for motorcycling brands over the years, with one of them being "Vespa" which is the Italian for "wasp. However, there are much stranger and more unusual names than that. For example, the brands Devil, Satan and Lucifer were all motorcycle manufacturers. You may not have heard of them, I haven't, but nonetheless they existed! Strange but interesting names no doubt.
brands Devil

11. Mind your bike! It is estimated that 1 in 5 motorcycles that aren’t kept in a garage get stolen. So by putting your motorcycle outside rather than keeping it in a garage could increase its risk of getting stolen. Be careful.
Mind your bike

12. Remember that classic and famous 65ft motorcycle jump by Steve McQueen in the film "The Great Escape"? That wasn't actually done by Steve McQueen. It was done by Bud Ekins (an American Triumph dealer and seller) and amazingly, he managed the full 65ft jump in one take. Wow!

13. Triumph Motorcycles, a British company are well known for the agility and performance that their motorcycles bring but did you know that they also make golf balls? Yep, golf balls.
Triumph Motorcycles

14. If you've ever watched a motorcycle race, you'll see that anytime a racer swerves down and hits his elbow onto the road, usually end up crashing. Jean-Phillipe Ruggia was the very first motorcycle racer to get his elbow down onto the road without crashing and his motorcycle turning into flames. He could regularly do this without crashing, and was commended for it many times by the media. It really is an amazing feat.

15. In a study, computer engineers are the most likely people to crash a vehicle. Also in the list for the most unsafe drivers are travel agents, doctors, accountants and mechanics. Lecturers are the least likely to crash along with painters, farmers, bakers, cleaners, administrators and builders. This was studied by looking at road accident records in the UK and compiling the results. Very interesting.

16. Did you ever wonder what the world's smallest motorcyclist is? Well, here's the answer. The world's smallest motorcyclist is Pityu Toth who is a Hungarian circus performer and is 2ft 4in tall.
smallest motorcyclist is Pityu Toth

17. Talking about the smallest motorcyclist in the last fact, what about the smallest motorcycle? It turns out that the smallest motorcycle ever built was by Tom Wiberg from Sweden with a rear wheel diameter of 22mm, a front wheel diameter of 16mm and a seat height of 65mm. It weighed only 1.1kg. Pretty amazing!
Tom Wiberg from Sweden

What Did You Think?
So there you have it! We've just covered some of the coolest motorcycle facts you probably don’t know. Did you know many of them? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what you think of this article! Also, make sure to share this on social media with all your motorcycling friends. They'll be glad to check this out, I hope!

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